Market Research Programming

WeDWOC offers online survey programming services to the market research industry. We provide services to companies that do not have internal survey programming resources as their sole provider. For companies that already have internal resources, we offer support on additional projects they do not have the capacity to complete. Because we offer Website programming and not only survey programming, we can offer you the development of custom questions if the platform allows it.

We have experience on projects such as conjoint survey design, MaxDiff, we have developed custom questions styles for drag and drops, sliders, card sort (carousel) and much more, as well as programming and maintaining multinational trackers.

Website programming and SEO

Our web programming is mainly done on .NET with MVC6, but it is not limited and can involve different programming languages based on your busines needs. Our aim is to deliver your web site fast, working and on a reasonable price. Our programmers and designers will tailor the web site specifically to your needs and will include only what is necessary for your website to be accessible, fast and lightweight.

We will also offer you additional support when our programmers think this will be needed in future.

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